The company’s beginnings date back to 1973, when P.K.R.B. FABUD S.A. conducted complex execution of housing construction in the entire Upper Silesia. It thereby became specialised in the performance of shell works and infrastructure development works using the most state-of-the-art technologies of executing reinforced-concrete and sewage-related works.
Being one of the biggest manufacturers of prefabricated elements in Poland, FABUD WKB S.A. offers the designing, manufacture, transport and assembly of large-size reinforced-concrete prefabricated units used in buildings and in road and bridge construction.

Our projects

FABUD WKB S.A. in recent years, it has been carrying out over a hundred constructions of various sizes annually in which prefabricated elements and reinforced concrete structures are used. We have, among others, such investments as the construction of the Municipal Stadium in Wrocław, the Wisła Kraków stadium, the Silesian Stadium and the Górnik Zabrze stadium, as well as several dozen construction sites for logistic centers as well as production and warehouse halls.


Pursuant to Directive No. 305/2011 of the Council of the European Parliament of 9 March 2011, defining harmonized conditions for the marketing of construction products, it was found that FABUD WKB concrete prefabricates submitted by the Manufacturer to Factory Production Control in accordance with the requirements of European standards and that the notified Bureau Veritas Certification entity performed the initial control of the plant and the Factory Production Control and conducts constant supervision, assessment and admission of Factory Production Control.