HC pre-stressed floor slabs

The HC pre-stressed floor slabs are prefabricated, pre-stressed flat elements intended for the construction of floors in buildings with various functions and structures.

The primary assortment of the HC pre-stressed floor slab system includes six types of hollow core slabs with the following nominal heights: 160 mm, 200 mm, 265 mm, 320 mm, 400 mm and 500 mm. The slabs are marked with the following symbols according to their cross-section: HC160, HC200, HC265, HC320, HC400 and HC500. The assortment is supplemented with the HC220 slabs with the height of 220 mm, which are a variant of the HC200 slabs with increased fire resistance. All HC slabs have the same modular width of 1,200 mm.

Depending on the type, the HC slabs have four, five, six or seven longitudinal cores, respectively, distributed evenly along the prefabricated element’s width and symmetrically in relation to the vertical centre plane. The geometric details of particular slabs are specified in their basic designs. The HC200 slab can have a span of 2.4 m to 10.80 m, HC220 slabs - from 2.4 m to 10.2 m, HC265 slabs - from 4.50 m to 12.90 m, HC320 slabs - from 4.5 m to 16.2 m, HC400 slabs - from 4.5 m to 18.0 m, and the HC500 slabs - from 4.5 m to 20.1 m. The ability to use the given type of slab depends on the required fire resistance, exposure class and the nature and extent of the designed loads.

The HC slabs can be broadly shaped, adapting them to the local conditions encountered most often in the designed buildings. The slabs can be shaped by way of longitudinal or transverse cutting of basic slabs and by making cut-outs and holes according to the specified principles.