TT pre-stressed slabs

The TT pre-stressed slabs are intended for executing floors and flat roofs with large loads and extensive spans. The TT slabs are comprised of two ribs which support the filigran floor slab combined with the ribs.

Aside from the transfer of large loads at an extensive span, an advantage of the prefabricated TT elements is the ability to make holes in the ribs, thereby allowing to route systems directly under the slab. We offer slabs with the rib height of 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80 cm. The width of the trapezoidal ribs at their base amounts to 13 and 20 cm. The slab’s standard width amounts to 240 cm. The slab lengths can reach 28 m. The ability to use the given type of slab depends on the required fire resistance, exposure class and the nature and extent of the designed loads at the given span.