Flights and landings

Prefabricated reinforced-concrete flights and landings constitute the structural elements of circulation paths in buildings and structures.

The prefabrication of these elements ensures:

  • high quality and precision of execution,
  • repeatability of element execution,
  • ability to use the stairs after their assembly,
  • acceleration of a structure’s completion time by eliminating the time-consuming formwork and reinforcement works at the construction site.

We offer prefabricated straight stair flights made in negative format with the maximum number of 22 stairs, stair height of 160-220 mm, width of 220-320 mm and flight width of 1.5 m. The flights can be prefabricated with one or two landing slabs with the width of 1.5 m and length of 1.9 m. We also offer landing slabs constituting separate elements of circulation paths, with any geometry (complete slabs).