Thanks to state-of-the-art manufacturing lines equipped with AVERMANN tilting tables, we offer the highest quality of prefabricated walls and foundations, both homogenous and layered, i.e. with thermal insulation. The wall dimensions are only limited by logistic aspects.

The prefabricated walls have a wide range of application in residential, industrial and public utility buildings. They can be used both in internal and external building or structure compartments, thereby creating various partitions, including fire protection partition walls.

Aside from traditional walls, with one smooth side and the other trowelled, we also manufacture walls with a textured cladding layer. These may include flushed walls, i.e. walls with visible aggregate or matrixing walls, where the cladding layer can include any reflection using special matrices with a specific pattern. An interesting example of using our prefabricated concrete walls in a building cladding is the awarded structure of the Library of the University of Economics in Katowice.