Scope of activity

Being one of the biggest manufacturers of prefabricated elements in Poland, FABUD WKB S.A. offers the designing, manufacture, transport and assembly of large-size reinforced-concrete prefabricated units used in buildings and in road and bridge construction.

As result of the investments undertaken between 2007 and 2009, the Company administers a state-of-the-art, fully computerised network of concrete mixing facilities, very well-equipped steel yard and a range of modern devices for the manufacture of reinforced-concrete prefabricated elements with the industrial method.

Among others, the Company possesses ten state-of-the-art tilting tables from AVERMANN for the manufacture of flat elements and ten long tracks and devices for the manufacture of HC type pre-stressed floor slabs from ELEMATIC. In 2009, the Company launched the line for manufacture of TT floor slabs and lines for manufacture of pre-stressed girders and beams.

The production capacity acquired as result of the investments allows the Company to execute any building structure designed in the prefabricated concrete technology. The offered prefabricated elements are widely used in the erection of industrial, storage, commercial, residential structures as well as technical and social infrastructure.

We offer the following items:

  • prefabricated sockets and spot footings;
  • pillars and foot pillars;
  • prefabricated beams;
  • purlins and girders;
  • unloading docks as an alternative for ramps;
  • single-layered or multi-layered walls and substructures with or without texture;
  • HC type pre-stressed floor slabs with the height of 160, 200, 220, 265, 320, 400 and 500 mm
  • TT pre-stressed floor slabs;
  • stairway elements (flights and landings);
  • bridge beams type  Kujan NG and “T”
  • rectangular road culverts;
  • retaining walls of various type;
  • special-purpose custom prefabricated elements;
  • prefabricated building reinforcement.

Thanks to our experienced construction crews, we are able to execute the assembly of the most complex building structures.