Concrete Laboratory

FABUD WKB SA administers a fully equipped Concrete Laboratory, which is certified as part of the incorporated Plant Manufacturing Control (ZKP) system. The Concrete Laboratory’s primary activities are related to the Plant Manufacturing Control for concrete prefabricated elements in accordance with PN-EN 15037 and PN-EN 13369.

The Concrete Laboratory conducts on-going control of concrete in the manufactured prefabricated elements and deals with developing and designing concrete mixture formulae for specific applications in engineering structures. We manufacture the following concretes: regular (C), heavy-weight (HWC), light-weight aggregate (LWAC), self-compacting (SCC), high-strength (HSC) and high-performance (HPC), depending on their intended use and the type of prefabricated element.

The Laboratory is constantly taking concrete mixture and concrete samples from on-going manufacturing. Each concrete batch used in our prefabricated elements is tested and the results are documented and archived.

We conduct the following testing:

  • concrete mixtures according to PN-EN 12350;
  • concretes according to PN-EN 12390.

The documentation of the concrete and prefabricate testing is enclosed to the elements’ as-built documentation and provided to the Employer. We issue a performance declaration and the CE mark for all prefabricated elements.

The Laboratory’s personnel consist of Concrete Process Engineers with multiple years of experience. The Laboratory, along with the Process Development Department, also deals with improving the prefabricate element manufacturing process. The Company works closely with the science and technical staff of the Silesian University of Technology and Kraków University of Technology in terms of scientific research and incorporating new technological solutions.

Specification of some of the standards applied during the inspections and testing on all manufacturing stages according to the Plant Manufacturing Control:

  • Concrete: PN-EN 206;
  • Concrete aggregates: PN-EN12620;
  • Concrete structures: PN-EN 13670;
  • Common requirements for concrete prefabricates: PN-EN 13369;
  • Rod prefabricates, columns, beams: PN-EN 13225;
  • Walls: PN-EN 14992;
  • Stairs: PN-EN 14843;
  • Hollow core slabs: PN-EN 1168;
  • Bridge prefabricated elements: PN-EN 15050;
  • Foundation piles: PN-EN 12794;
  • Retaining walls: PN-EN 15258;
  • Culverts: PN-EN 14844;
  • Light-weight aggregate reinforced-concrete prefabricates: PN-EN 1520.